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Sorcery and Seams Logo

Sorcery and Seams, is a local business out of Durango, Colorado. The owner creates custom dice bags. The thought of the logo was to use one of the dice shapes as the background, and they create a unique font, with a needle.

Pretty Strong Women

International Balloon Festival

International Balloon Festival Logos, I wanted to create three very different logos, while still making logos that looked like it was for a balloon festival. Each of the logos, is different. One in the form of a patch style, one as two simple balloons and the other line balloons coming together to create a snowflake.

London 2020 Olympics

London Olympic Logos, I wanted them to represent London. I used the detailing from the Gherkin building in two of the logos. For one of the logos, I took a simple approach to the Gherkin building, using similar colors to mimic the building. Then I used the same style for the fire logo but creating the flame shape, and using colors that matched fire. For the last logo I used the lines from the London Underground on the inside of the badge shape, using colors that represent summer.

Signs Restaurant

Signs Restaurant logo, I wanted to create something that told the story that the restaurant is a sign language place. I used the hand signs for each of the letters, to create the word, as well as, adding the letters under them, so people who do not know ASL they would understand what it says. The colors that I chose, are bright and fun, to show the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Derailed Pourhouse

Derailed Pourhouse logo, I wanted to use the train tracks as the main element. I wanted to keep the logo simple, to portray the simplicity of the restaurant and the color scheme that the place holds.