Slavik Wedding

For the Slavik Wedding, we decided we wanted to be focused on a unique font choice. We decided that having a custom font would be the best way to play out their names. The choice in font, was soft, with a little bit of edge. For the save the dates, we used their names, in the font we chose, and then kept it simple. Then we moved onto the wedding invitation. We wanted to go with something that was more unique than the traditional invitation. So we went with black with white font, which fits the theme of the wedding. And we moved forward. Placing their names as the largest focus and then doing the date running along the side of the invitation was a very different approach to an invitation. We then added the light marble effect in the background of the invitation to create the edgy effect, almost like a record cover.

Fawcett Wedding

For the Fawcett wedding, a big portion was creating a symbol that could be used across all elements of their wedding. The mountain symbol is a line drawing of the peak where they are getting married, which has been used as a background on the save the dates, the front of the save the dates to hold the information, the back of the wedding invited with their names, and it was expanded for the wedding invitation. Once the invites were completed, I created two different posters that would be used at their wedding. One was the order of events, which was kept simple using the same fonts. The other was the wedding party, which there was a little more design to it, with the two separate lists, and the mountain design at the bottom.