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When creating the logo for Sorcery and Seams, I wanted to encompass the uniqueness of the Etsy Shop. I created a fun play on a more whimsical font, and added a little needle at the very end. I then took the name and placed it within one of the many different dice shapes.
For the business card, Etsy banner, and other social media items, I wanted to continue the use of dice. I selected different dice shapes, and created line drawings of each dice. Which I then used to random place over the background, to create the look that the dice had been thrown. I didn’t want it to look too hectic, so I made each of the different shapes a different color within the color palette that we had chosen, creating a more uniform look to the unique background.
With the logo, I then created, a black and white version, that is used for the tag, inside of each bag. I also created a sticker version of the business card, that could be used for packaging purposes.

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